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BRUK 2022 are unique cultural crossover meetings on stage in a factory environment and a "grand finale" of Långedprojektet.

Symphony orchestra meets jazz, and art meets music. The closed paper mill at Rexcell in Dals Långed will be a magnificent stage that was used already last year at BRUK 2021.

Here are pictures from that event.

BRUK 2022 is a collaborative project across the border with Östfold Symphony Orchestra from Norway visiting us. Per Oscar Nilsson trio from Malmö will also participate as well as the local band Now and Then. It will be a musical journey through genres that rarely meet in a unique environment where people have earned their living for 150 years. Original music where jazz and classical meet are written by Långedprojektet and will be performed by Östfold Symphony Orchestra and Now and then.

BRUK 2022 continues its collaboration from last year with Västra Götalands regionens residens and together with Dals Långeds utvecklingsråd, several events are planned in Dals Långed on 17 September 2022.

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