BRUK 2021 eng

Due to the deteriorating situation regarding the corona pandemic the original "major"" BRUK 2021 will not be implemented as planned on 18 september. The project is postponed to the future and is planned to be implemented in the form it was intended. Instead, we are making a minor version of BRUK 2021 on the current date where we present the project's basic ideas: to let the symphony orchestra meet jazz and music meet art in an industrial environment. The participants of the smaller BRUK 2021 preview is the artist collective KÅDA and Jörgen Moberg, both alumnis from HDK Steneby and local musicians in the band Now and Then.

The concert and exhibition will be held at Rexcell, Hajuddevägen DALS LÅNGED at 18 th of September 18.30. The 19 th of September the exhibition part of BRUK 2021 will continue between 12.00 - 18.00.


At the same location during the concert and exhibition 18'th of september two other bands will participate. Maulén, a avantgarde doom metal band and Aigua a duo performing traditional (world) music. They will perform after the BRUK 2021 preview event.


BRUK 2021 is the ”Grande finale” of the Långedprojektet. After publishing two books, 

several exhibitions, concerts and sound installations we look ahead by letting art and music fill up 100 year old industrial halls.

The former paper mill will transform into a magnificent and unique stage where symphony orchestra meets jazz and music meets art.

BRUK 2021 is also a collaborative project across the border as Östfold Symphony Orchestra from Norway visits us. Per Oscar Nilsson Trio from Malmö is also participating as well as the local band Now and then. The artist collective KÅDA

and Jörgen Moberg, both alumni from HDK Steneby, is participating with art installations. 


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