Patrik Olofsson has worked hours scanning photos and news clippings lent us in the project. The example to the right is about the grindery for rolls used in paper mills.

We have not yet decided on a system that makes all collected material open for searchers, and even less started to develop a thesaurus. Making search systems for photos are very difficult: what of all that is manifest in a picture will be interesting for future searchers, and what of all that is latent or rather is photo technical aspects?

Thanks to Lena Grönlund Västarvet, which is the regional organization for cultural heritage, got the company's commission to document the whole plant. Västarvet has now also offered to put our collected material in their archive.

Many has asked us to put the material onto the Internet, but probably we will not do so, as we do not have the rights to photos, we do not always know who the photographer is, and those depicted may still be alive.

Text and photo: Lena Adamina Waldau