The paper mill in Dals Långed seen from the main road. In the foreground the river Upperudsälven. Beyond the mill is a canal, Dalslands kanal, digged. Five sluicies are built in the short passage through Dals Långed, one of them the deepest in this canalsystem.

Photos: Lena Adamina Waldau, June 2015.

The chimney was former much higher and had two borders in red brick in the otherwise yellow brick. It says something about riches, prestige and the cost of labour when a mill owner orders such decorations on a chimney - but it is beautiful. It reminds of crosstiching patterns on table cloths. What could be a more fitting decoration for a paper mill producing in the niche "table top"?  Photos: Lena Adamina Waldau, June 2015.

The paper mill seen from the canal. The white house in the background is the "old office house", which you also see in the black and white postcard to the right. The mill and the office house is built on the island that came into existens when the canal was built. On this island there still are four big red houses where many families used to live in each; today all but one houses only one family each. On the island lived also the manager in a big white plastered mansion. For the poor families was built cellars in the ground, a washing house on the river side and a big house where the wet clothes could hang and dry. Left photo: Lena Adamina Waldau, June 2015. Unknown photographer to the right.